Announcement: STORE CLOSING 12/8/19
Announcement: STORE CLOSING 12/8/19
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Pop Flavors (may vary due to season and availability of ingredients):

Symbols: (L) - large, (S) - small, * - Best sellers

    Dessert Pops (made with dairy):

  • *Key Lime Pie (L)
  • Roasted Peanut Pop (L)
  • Coconut Cream Pop (L)
  • Plum Pop (L)
  • *Strawberries and Cream (L)
  • Coffee (S)
  • Pina Colada Pop: Pineapple and Coconut (L)
  • Strawberries with Condensed Milk Pop (L)
  • *Passion Fruit Pop (L)
  • *Brazilian Cookie Pop (L), (S)
  • Sweet Corn Pop (S)
  • *Romeo and Juliet Pop: Guava and Cheese (S)
  • *Avocado Pop (S)
  • Chocolate Pop (S)
  • (All New) Roasted Pineapple and Cherry Pop (L)

    Vegan Pops

  • Comming soon - Acai Pop
  • Waterberry Pop: Watermelon, Strawberries, salt, cane sugar, water (S)
  • Limeade Pop: Fresh lime juice, water, cane sugar (L)
  • *Grape Pop: 100% Grape juice, water, cane sugar (S)
  • Strawberry Pop: Whole strawberries, water, cane sugar (S)
  • *Naples Mango Pop: Glen or Florigon Mangos, water, cane sugar (L)
  • Pineapple Pop: Whole Pineapple, water, cane sugar (L)
  • Toasted Coconut Pop: Pan toasted coconut, coconut milk, coconut cream, cane sugar (S)
  • PALM Pop: Pineapple, Apple, Lemon, and Mint, sweetened with Agave (S)
  • Strawberry Banana Pop: Fresh Strawberries, Whole bananas, water, cane sugar (L)
  • *The Brazilian Pop: Fresh Orange and Apple Juice, Whole Pineapple, Passion Fruit Pulp, and sweetened with Agave (L)

Prices: In store prices below

Large Pop

  • Individual = $3.50
  • 10 or more = $3.00/pop
  • 50 or more = $2.50/pop

Small Pop

  • Individual = $2.95
  • 10 or more = $2.50/pop
  • 50 or more = $2.00/pop

    Acai Bowls

    • The Blend: Our Acai Bowls are truly one of a kind.  We start with an Acai blend imported from Brazil that includes Acai berry, and syrup made from the Guarana fruit.  We blend this with the pulp of the Acerola Cherry to give our Acai a very delicious flavor with a high nutritional value.
    • Toppings: We top our bowls with granola, fresh cut bananas, strawberries, and shaved coconut.
    • Additional toppings: In addition, we top the bowl with your choice of Honey, Hazelnut spread, or Condensed Milk (a Brazilian favorite)!

    Acai Bowl Prices

    • Small: $6.00
    • Large: $8.00
    • Ordering: Please call 855-622-7677 for ordering options.